April 24, 2014
BanglaTel Ltd
BanglaTel Ltd Bangladesh founded early 2011 and awarded with the International Gateway ( IGW ) license by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission ( BTRC ) to provide International voice traffic termination to and from Bangladesh in 2012. BanglaTel is operating worldwide carrier network with NGN based platform capable of interconnecting both on IP and TDM.
Why BanglaTel ?
Bangla Tel treats all customers as long-term partners. As a partner, we are aligned with your goals in terms of quality and flexibility. Bangla Tel will be at the peak position if further deregulation takes place in the Bangladeshi telecom sector. Our network design ensures that we can handle sudden increase of traffic without any degradation of quality. Furthermore, we have multiple redundancies built-in to ensure reliable delivery of your traffic.
We have a track record of excellence in every business sector in which we have participated. We are confident that success will also be emulated at Bangla Tel. We are your partner who is committed to differentiating itself through its technology and its people. This ensures that we not only provide the best technology but also the best skills with which to manage it. Bangla Tel's goal from the beginning has been to try to set the benchmark for best practices in the telecom sector in Bangladesh. We will perform regular infrastructure and procedural audits to improve our efficiency every year.
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