About us

Bangla Tel Ltd was founded in March, 2011 and awarded with the International Gateway ( IGW ) license by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission ( BTRC ) to provide International voice traffic originating from and termination to Bangladesh. Bangla Tel is operating worldwide carrier network with NGN based platform capable of interconnecting both on IP and TDM.

We strive to provide Direct Bangladesh termination to Tier-1, Tier-2, retail and wholesale carriers which not only will cater to the customers' needs in pricing, but also will ensure a stable and high quality service. An experienced team of marketing personnel, technical team and strong liaisons, enables us to fulfill our customers' requirements in every aspect and establish a mutually beneficial partnership. We look forward to offer our dedicated services across the globe to all retail and wholesale carriers offering robust quality along with unmatched ASR, ACD and PDD with 99.99% up-time and redundancy.


By the grace of Almighty, Bangla Tel Ltd has established itself as one of the most renowned entities in the international gateway for voice sector of Bangladesh and earned positive reputation both locally and in the international sector. Since inception of our business in January 2013, our organization has gone from its conceptual infancy stage to a challenger, and finally is moving forward to become a considerable force. We have expanded in every way possible to provide the best communication experience to our customers.

Many factors have contributed to the success of our efforts, most notably the continuous support of our shareholders and the stability of the company’s team and its sincere management and the sincere cooperation of our valuable business partners.

In the years to come, we will continue to expand and take our group to new heights of success. We will spare no effort, cost or determination to ensure that Bangla Tel Ltd along with its sister concerns, BD Link and Jibondhara Communications becomes a group of companies to serve its customers in the most effective manner.

Managing Director & CEO

The Telecom industry in Bangladesh is a booming sector with over 70% of the population under mobile coverage. This huge number of mobile subscribers in the country coupled with millions of Bangladeshi migrants abroad has also transformed the international voice traffic sector into a thriving and highly competitive segment.

Within only a couple of years, Bangla Tel Limited has built a reputation as one of the leading IGWs of the country that delivers high quality products and services and ensures customer satisfaction. Along with the IGW, other ventures of the group like BD Link and Jibondhara Communications have also excelled remarkably in their respective sectors.

As we continue to grow to meet our own and customers’ expectations and live up to our name – to have the ability to meet market challenges – let’s make certain that integrity and honest dealing are always central to how we conduct business.

We also pledge to our global customers of high quality service and best attention always. In this process we strive to contribute to society and economy.

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